College Days Coming Soon…

College Days Web BannerApril 3-4, 2014

In just a few weeks, prospective students and parents will be arriving on campus to find out more about the amazing opportunities for students at Trinity Bible College!

College Days give prospective students and parents the opportunity to see what life at Trinity is really all about. They get to attend interesting classes, experience our dynamic chapel, interact with current students and professors, and spend the night in the dorms! Of course we also feature special events, such as a great Christian concert. Our District Youth Directors often bring groups of high schoolers to give them a taste for what God is doing in our students’ lives. This year we are pleased to have Student Ministries’ Pastor Terry Parkman and his team from Evangel Assembly in Bismarck, North Dakota, coming as our special guest speakers. Students who attend College Days can apply for college while they are here, and not only will we waive the application fee, but they will receive a $500 scholarship as well!

I have had the privilege of leading Trinity Bible College for almost two years now, and the school has undergone a wonderful, transformative time. But of all the tremendous work I see God doing, I never fail to be amazed by the spiritual and intellectual growth and deepening our students regularly experience. This is all the more exciting as I reflect on statistics recently published by the Barna Group, stating that 65% of teenagers who attended church during high school quit going to church in college.

More than ever before, young adults today need strong Christian leaders to come alongside of them and teach them how to integrate their faith with their everyday lives in the midst of an increasingly complex and confusing world. They need supportive role models, positive and encouraging peers, and a safe environment in which to explore, ask questions and grow up in every way: intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. That is the environment our faculty, students and staff provide for our students here at Trinity, and I have the great privilege of witnessing the fruit of their tireless efforts on a daily basis.

There are so many reasons for students to choose Trinity, and I hope you will join me in inviting students among your friends and family to come and check us out on April 3-4.

May God bless you,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander


*If you would like to learn more about Trinity Bible College or about College Days please visit our website

*To sign up for College Days please CLICK HERE and fill out the form available. 

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