About President Alexander

On March 7, 2012, Dr. Paul Alexander was elected as the eighth president of Trinity Bible College. Dr. Paul Alexander comes to Trinity, with his wife, Dr. Carol Alexander with a strong vision of academic, spiritual and social engagement.

Dr Paul and Carol

Paul’s vision is to lead the College to become a place of choice for students preparing for ministry, mission and the workplace. Key     elements of his vision include a dynamic Intercultural Studies program, an Adult Degree Completion Program as well as an innovative Master’s program that is being led by his wife, Carol. Having been missionaries and serving in various capacities on the mission field, Paul desires for TBC to expand its focus on missions by developing a strong missional culture which will impact upon the entire curriculum and provide opportunities for TBC students to engage in cross cultural mission, inner city ministry and native American mission on a regular basis. He is enthusiastic about TBC’s excellent Elementary Education major as well as the Business major offered by the school.

For the past eight years Paul has served as President of Mattersey Hall College and Graduate School, located in Mattersey, England. Both he and Carol developed and taught innovative courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They also had the privilege of teaching and supervising candidates at Doctoral level. Paul’s PhD is from Bangor University, Wales and it centers on a missional rationale for theological education and training and includes a thorough examination of the interface between the church and Christian higher education.

Please follow President Alexander’s blog for interactive topics on Education, Leadership, Theology, and Life. Also, follow President Alexander on his personal Twitter account @drpaulalexander.


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