Dreams Come True!

Prayer Chapel

Two years ago Carol and I moved to Ellendale to assume the responsibility of leading Trinity Bible College. It has proved to be one of the best decisions we have ever made We stand amazed at how God has worked both in and through us during this time.

One of my greatest frustrations in coming to Trinity was the poor state of many of our buildings. Deferred maintenance had taken its toll and parts of our otherwise beautiful campus were embarrassing to look at. One of those parts was the old Administration building. This building is over a hundred years old and was initially built to accommodate training people in manual skills. Its conversion to offices and classrooms was obviously done on a budget, and the building then bit by bit it fell into disrepair.

I started by dreaming of replacing it with an open air plaza, flying the flags of the nations and calling students to missionary prayer. I was, of course, reminded that open air spaces are not very practical in North Dakota. So a vision for a small prayer chapel was birthed. Another suggestion was made to somehow connect this chapel to other buildings to enable access during the cold months of winter. Then came an idea for some new classrooms. And so the vision grew.

I am delighted to use this weekly email to announce that those dreams – and more – are now becoming a reality. Through the extreme kindness of generous donors, a new building will now replace the old. This new building will be incredibly valuable to the campus community. Here is a list of what it will provide:

  • A beautiful, tranquil prayer chapel providing a quiet, reflective place for prayer
  • Three state-of-the-art classrooms, two of which are tiered lecture theaters
  • A glass-fronted atrium that will be a bright center for conversation and small receptions
  • Corridors joining the Student Life Center with Flemington Hall
  • A kitchenette, restrooms and storage

Rejoice with us as this amazing addition to our campus is built!

Over coming weeks we will be sharing ways in which our alumni and friends can add their support to ensure that this building is used to its full potential. A donor wall is being created to allow other generous friends to participate in the continued growth and wonderful future of this very special college.

With appreciation to our generous friends, 

Paul R Alexander (PhD) – President

*To donate to Trinity Bible College please CLICK HERE to give completely online.

Prayer Chapel 2


Prayer Chapel Plans


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