Can an Advanced Degree be Affordable?

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Last week I wrote in this column and asked the question, “Can a college education be affordable?” I suggested a few ways to ensure that the privilege of a higher education remains accessible to all. I now want to ask the same question relating to a graduate education.

A Graduate Education

A graduate education is a rare privilege, and it is clearly shown that those who commit themselves to further study reap the rewards in their professions. But it can seem expensive. Federal aid is one option but with interest rates on student loans at an all-time high it is becoming less and less attractive.

This fall sees the introduction of Trinity’s first graduate program. The cohort is already almost at capacity, and it has all the potential of being a life changing experience for all those who have so boldly committed themselves to the rigors of postgraduate study. But how will they afford it? Because of our passion for offering an affordable education let me suggest some of our responses:

We have established conservative levels of remuneration for staff and faculty enabling us to offer the program at a lower cost than almost any comparative program.

We have made generous scholarships available to those in ministry.

We have taken the unusual yet positive step of offering a Trinity-funded deferred payment option.  Qualifying students have the option of paying their fees over a five-year period at no interest.

At Trinity this is a partial expression of our deep passion to find ways to enable students who use their time well, remain disciplined in their studies and are wise stewards of their resources to graduate debt free. I invite you through your giving and your prayers to join us in this great pursuit.

Passionately committed to an affordable education,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

Special note:  We are still open for applications for the MA in Missional Leadership program this Fall.  Check out the Trinity Graduate School on our website.


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