Can College Be Affordable?


People from almost every background and region of the country want to know if a college education is worth the money. Many ask if it is really in our best interest to place a huge debt burden on the next generation. For Trinity Bible College students the question is particularly pertinent, Trinity is fully committed to training people for ministry and mission. How can these individuals hope to go into ministry with a large debt burden hanging over them?

A Passionate Commitment

The answers are complex, but let me suggest a few:

  • Families generally should share the burden of educating the next generation. Americans did this very thing for decades until the federal government began giving more and more enticing opportunities through federal aid and loans. I am of the opinion that every family – moms and dads, grandparents and children – should make College savings and contributions a normal part of household budgets.
  • Students should be better informed and responsible. A surprisingly small proportion of students maximize their earning potentials during summers and with other work opportunities. Federal aid is increasingly used for non-essential items instead of for paying direct college expenses. This fact remains under-reported but is critical in understanding the cost of an education. Colleges and institutions of higher education must be more astute in guiding students through their education by providing better counseling to help avoid unnecessary course work and ensure students graduate in four years.

At Trinity providing an affordable education is a passion. Many, many conversations relate to ways we can reduce students’ reliance upon loans and the very expensive federal aid that is available. To this end we have become very aggressive in how we award scholarships.  In fact this year we will commit about 42% of our potential tuition income to providing scholarships to deserving students. Importantly this includes scholarships of nearly 50% of tuition to the dependent children of ministers and missionaries who live on campus.

This would not be possible without the kind and faithful support of people just like you!

As always, for His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

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