Davidson Hall Renovations Underway!

Davy groundAn important part of ensuring a high quality education and training in the contemporary world remains the provision of excellent campus facilities. There is much evidence to show that a positive, on campus College experience does much to help determine the future success of a student. Despite the massive growth in on-line education, it is still very difficult to replace the rich rewards and impact of living within a campus community.

Maximizing Trinity’s Facilities

With this in mind I felt very strongly that we should maximize the Trinity facilities. The first great challenge was the full renovation and reoccupation of the iconic Davidson Hall. Towards the end of last year a substantial donation allowed us to undertake the renovation. The entire building has been completely gutted. We did find the evidence of previous residents’ misdemeanors in the form of graffiti and signatures inside doors and cupboards. Fortunately there was nothing that was incriminating in any way!

Tons of plaster and interior walls have been removed from the building as we have gone back to the studs. New sump pumps have been installed in the basement and a whole new concrete floor has been poured. Nearly two of the floors have now been framed and a whole new interior layout is emerging. The refurbished building will have a first floor dedicated to administration and advancement. On the second floor there will be academic offices including the Registrar, Vice President of Academics and the new Graduate School offices. This floor will also have the new offices of the President.

This month the new HVAC system will be installed. We are thrilled that over 130 volunteers are signed up to serve over the summer months. Great progress is being made at Trinity and we are grateful to God and you for all that is happening!

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

*If you would like to donate to the Davidson Hall renovation project or to any other area of Trinity Bible College please CLICK HERE to do so online.



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