Something Different is Going on


What is Happening Here?

Energy, excitement, an almost palpable sense of anticipation. “There’s something here quite different than what I’ve seen on any other campus,” one leader observed recently. “What is it that’s going on here?” seems to be the question everyone is asking. The answer quite simply? God is going on here!

Preparing for Missional Living

These are exciting days at Trinity Bible College, seeing new vision birthed and taking hold not only on a community level, but also on an individual level in the lives of many. Drs. Paul & Carol Alexander have brought together an exceptional, international faculty and leadership. And the campus is seeing a renewal, both physically in building renovations and most importantly spiritually in students’ lives.

Preparing students to answer God’s call to live intentional, missional lives involves not only academic and spiritual preparations, but also addressing very practical issues such as financial provision. To help students avoid graduating with burdensome debt loads, TBC is introducing many new scholarships for this coming school year, including $6,000 / year for dependents of full-time AOG ministers and missionaries! You can see a full list of scholarships here. Granting up to 75% of tuition for not only academics, but for leadership and loyalty, character and call – Trinity scholarships seek to reinforce the values and mission of TBC and help our graduates be ready to pursue God’s calling, wherever it may lead.

Yes, many exciting changes are happening at Trinity, and the best is yet to come! Thank you for being a part.

Honored to Serve,

Kate Bommarito – Assoc. VP for Student Affairs

*If you would like to join our efforts to help students graduate debt free, click here and give to Trinity’s scholarship fund today!


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