A Giving Community


To God be the Glory!

This academic year (2013–2014) during GO Week, our annual missions convention at Trinity, the college took on Africa School of Missions (ASM) as its missions project for the year. At the end of the week, in September, we decided to stretch our faith and set a goal of raising $20,000 for ASM.

Changing Lives through Giving

Drs Paul and Carol Alexander founded ASM in 1983 as a school that would equip a new generation of world changers. Currently, as well as serving locally, ASM graduates are serving in 56 different nations. ASM is committed to making a difference in the nations of this world, as well as the local community in which God has placed it.

It was our joy to partner with ASM in a couple of ways this year: first, to commit to help them financially, and second, ASM served as the location of our first PackYourBags overseas missions practicum. Our PYB students spent 6 weeks in White River, South Africa working in various ways to practically assist in the ministries of ASM. As a result, their lives are forever changed!

We set our faith goal of raising $20,000 for ASM in September. During the final week of school in April, our offerings pushed us beyond that goal to a total of $21,401.60 collected for ASM. Beyond that amount, as various speakers passed our way throughout the school year, we collected a number of additional offerings for various missions endeavors. The amount of those offerings totaled $3,398.54, making the grand total of Trinity missions giving (faculty, staff, students and guests) for the academic year 2013–2014 a record giving total of $24,800.14. YES! To God be the glory!

Honored to Serve,

Professor Roland Dudley – Chair, Intercultural Studies Department

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*To learn more about the Pack Your Bags program at Trinity please CLICK HERE to visit their website


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