Trinity Receives Four New Cars

Blumhardts,  Si Liechty Sam Johnson, President Alexander and Dan Kuno

Trinity Bible College Blessed by Gift

Ellendale, ND:  Trinity Bible College received a gift from Priority One this spring; the gift was four new vehicles that will help update the current fleet. The four vehicles all were wrapped with the Trinity Bible College logo and design by Quality Quick Print in Aberdeen, SD, which Priority One paid for as well. The new fleet will be used by PR Teams, Summer Teams and faculty and staff who traveled to talk about Trinity. The four vehicles include two Ford Econoline 11 passenger vans, one Chrysler PT Cruiser and one Chevrolet Sonic. All four vehicles were purchased from Blumhardt Chevrolet here in Ellendale, ND.

Trinity Bible College unveiled the new fleet with a dedication service to the campus, friends and family on Friday, May 2nd during their final chapel service of the school year. If you see the new cars around feel free to give them a warm welcome with a honk and a wave!

To learn more about Trinity Bible College please visit and to donate to the college please click here to give online.

Chevy Sonic & Ford Econoline Van


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