A Great Day!

Grad Pic

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day arrived at last this past Saturday for Trinity Bible College’s Class of 2014. Two years ago the College leadership decided to combine commencement and the Baccalaureate service into one great celebration. And this year, the event took place on a Saturday for the first time. Family and friends gathered from far and wide filling the College chapel to capacity.

Honoring our students, alumni & faculty

Our graduation speaker, Heath Adamson, national Youth Ministries director for the Assemblies of God, was a very welcome guest. So too were members of the Board of Trustees who serve the College with such distinction and dedication.

A very special part of our celebration included the presence of ten members of the class of 1964. They attended our inaugural Alumni Dinner, a new annual event.

Special mention must also be made of the introduction of a new annual award. The Warren D Schlecht award for the educator of the year was awarded in honor of this amazing and dedicated teacher. It seemed natural that the first recipient should be Warren himself. Please join me in honoring this outstanding professor as he begins his retirement.

Few of these great moments in the life of the College would be possible without a committed and dedicated circle of friends such as those who faithfully read this weekly email. Thank you for standing with us this year – the fruit of your support was the graduating of many outstanding young men and women this past Saturday.

As always, for His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

*Please visit the Trinity Bible College website to learn more about the college – trinitybiblecollege.edu


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