Excitement and Energy at TBC College Days

College Days Web Banner

College Days at Trinity Bible College

Last week dozens of potential students crowded onto the Trinity Bible College Campus for our annual College Days. Our Enrollment Office did an outstanding job of organizing the event. As a result there was a huge sense of excitement and energy throughout the time.

Special Guests

Terry Parkman from Evangel Church in Bismarck was the keynote speaker in the two chapel services.  A team of pastors and interns from their church supported him. We were also delighted to have Dr. Doug Witherup, Church Ministries Director of the North Carolina District of the Assemblies of God, with us. He spoke in numerous classes and addressed the Senior Leadership Team. His participation was greatly appreciated.

The greater message of College Days this year is just how far TBC has come in its course offerings.  Educational opportunities at this College are significant and the blend of academic rigor and spiritual life offer prospective students a brilliant College experience. When you add to this the continued campus development, the growing faculty and the safe environment at TBC we are becoming a College of choice for the outstanding young men and women of the Upper Midwest and beyond.

I encourage you to check out our website again, take note of developments and continue in your prayer and financial support of Trinity Bible College.

As always, for His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President 


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