Trinity’s Good News


Some weeks ago I reported to you very good news regarding our vastly improved status with our accrediting agency, ABHE. This is now reflected in both the Trinity Bible College catalog and website – good news indeed!

The Opportunity & The Challenge

The challenge that emerged from our accreditation commission appearance was that we need to finish this year in a good financial position. Although we have operated either below or within budget every month this year, we are still required to meet our fundraising target. With four months to go, this was about $700,000 – a rather steep mountain to climb. Wonderfully, just a few weeks after the commission reminded us of our financial requirements, I received a phone call: A kind donor offered to donate $400,000 as a matching gift donation. What an answer to prayer!

Now we need to find the matching funds before June 30. Some have already stepped forward with generous gifts, and I am confident that you, our friends, will also help your College achieve this goal. When we achieve this goal three things will happen: We will finish the year with an operational surplus and thus ensure a good annual audit; we will be assured all sanctions, including the standard relating to finance, are lifted by our accreditors; and we will cover some of the costs that always challenge us in the summer months, thus setting the College up for even greater growth in next academic year.

I know you will have heard all the rhetoric. If each one gave such and such an amount we would… Or, if we had ten large gifts, ten medium size gifts, etc. then… I am simply reaching out to you and asking that each and every person who reads this message will help us in one way or another. Online giving is easy and safe. 

Please feel free to call me at any time. I value your partnership and want to be accessible to you. Pray that our goal will be reached and that this great College will continue to move forward in equipping tomorrow’s leaders on a solid, healthy institutional foundation.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

*Click on the Donate Button to give online directly to TBC  unnamed


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