Albert Meyer Inspires TBC Students

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Trinity’s Celebrated Guest

Last week Trinity Bible College had the privilege of hosting Albert Meyer. Albert is a CPA, owns an investment company in Plano, Texas and is nationally known for exposing one of the largest Ponzi Schemes to ever impact Christian and Not-For-Profit organizations.

Albert Meyer Inspires TBC Students

In the mid 1990’s, Albert Meyer became suspicious of a financial transaction at the university where he serving as an accounting professor. After long and tedious research and forensic accounting, he eventually persuaded the Wall Street Journal to expose the New Era Foundation. Over $100 million had been lost through this “foundation’s” corrupt schemes, and Albert was the one who uncovered it.

Albert’s story is both fascinating and challenging. As he concluded his chapel talk, students responded with an enthusiastic standing ovation. That same afternoon the business class where Albert was guest lecturing needed to move into the chapel because so many students wanted to hear more. It was wonderful to have the message reinforced that business as a vocation is still a ministry that God can use.

For me personally, this visit was especially poignant. Albert and I were next-door neighbors from our earliest childhood. We grew up in a little suburb in northern Johannesburg, South Africa. We both found Christ at about the same time and served Him fervently in our local church. Now – about four decades later – we stood together on the TBC chapel platform in Ellendale, North Dakota to declare the faithfulness of God over a lifetime.

We prayed that our students would make lifelong friends and more importantly, serve God and His Kingdom for the rest of their days.

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For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

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