An Amazing Time

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What an AMAZING time to be a Trinity Lion! As we launch our new recruiting campaign  – Be a Hero Be a Lion – and our new scholarship plan, I can’t help but continue my extremely non-biased, completely rationale opinion, that this truly is THE GREATEST PLACE ON THE PLANET!

I love seeing our students fall in love with Jesus here while they have the opportunity to play college sports! As a passionate recruiter for the school, I tell recruits all the time that if they come to Trinity just for the athletic experience, they will end up disappointed, because Trinity is about SO MUCH more than just athletics! It’s about being prepared to be an impact person in the Kingdom of Heaven! It’s about keeping your eyes so fixed on Jesus that you’ll get out of a safe and comfortable boat and step out on the water with your beautiful Saviour! It’s about understanding that God will ask us to make sacrifices in order to be used by Him! It’s about embracing the fact that God’s preparing you to be someone’s hero, and that “someone” out there is counting on you and needs you! What a commission, what an opportunity, what a place!

On a pure athletic note, our basketball teams began post-season play this past week and did so in style, as the Lady Lions won the NIAC Conference Tournament for the fifth year in a row. Our men’s team brought the Conference title back to Ellendale as well!  We also had six of our athletes be named to the All-Conference team (3 ladies: Kylie Simonsen, Kayla Droste, and Janae Droste; 3 men: Nick Lentz, AJ Anthony, and Friscoe Erdahl). The Lions will continue their post-season journey as they travel to Ankeny, Iowa, this weekend for the NCCAA Regional Tournament. Football and Volleyball are right in the thick of their Off-Season Training Programs, and as you can see from the picture, our fitness center is being put to really great use!

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As you read this, I want to challenge all of you to think like Lions today! Everyone who graduated from here, whether you played a sport or not, is a TRINITY LION! As a lion, I want to share with you this creed, which our football players recite everyday before we get to work. So take a few moments now to think about it, dwell on it, pray on it, and recite it with us today as YOU go to work:

I will conduct myself in word and action, the same way Christ would conduct Himself; I will do whatever I do, with total release of my mental and physical abilities and my emotional energies toward performing like Jesus. I will have in mind that HE is my ONLY audience, according to Colossians 3:23!

Bless you today,

Coach Dustin L. Morgan

Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

*If you would like to learn more about the new scholarship program at Trinity Bible College please CLICK HERE


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