Be a Hero, Be a Lion


Trinity’s chapel service on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 marked the launch of the “BE A HERO, BE A LION” campaign. Students, Staff and Faculty were reminded by the speaker, Dustin Morgan that “everyone is a hero to someone”. Trinity is committed to developing the hero inside every student. Those who attended chapel received a complimentary t-shirt with the campaign logo:

1A-Be a lion web

Looking Ahead

The launch included details of the bold new scholarship policy that will be implemented in the 2014-15 academic year. Trinity Bible College is committed to providing an affordable education that will enable graduates to enter ministry, missions, coaching, teaching or the marketplace with low student debt.  Academic and Fine Arts scholarships will increase and children of Assemblies of God ministers and of Trinity Bible College alumni will receive considerable scholarships. Students who are involved in their district, church or school on a significant level will also be eligible for substantial Leadership Scholarships.

Every student at Trinity is a Lion. That name is not reserved for athletes. The Lion Loyalty scholarship rewards students for returning as a sophomore, junior or senior, sheltering them from the accumulation of debt that occurs over 4 years of study.

Pray with us as we prepare to welcome future heroes next fall!

In Faith,

Rev. Ian O’Brien

Vice President of Student Affairs

*To learn more about Trinity Bible College and the scholarship program at TBC please go to the website


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