Preparing Leaders and Pursuing Excellence in Higher Education


The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)

Next week our VP (Academics) and myself will be making our annual appearance before the Accrediting Commission of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

Pursuing Excellence in Higher Education

ABHE is our accrediting association and we are well served by it. In order to be eligible for Title IV funding and to offer a degree program that is recognized both by other institutions and employers alike it is essential that an institution is accredited. ABHE is a national accrediting association recognized by the Department of Education and its goals and objectives make it an ideal choice for a College like Trinity Bible College.

It goes without saying that fulfilling the requirements for accreditation is a rigorous process. Internal reviews, constant quality assessment and annual reporting to the association are just a part of it. We continue to work hard at ensuring that we maintain great academic rigor and meet all the demands of our accrediting association.

TBC is committed to providing the best possible education to our students. We continue to hire world class faculty, allocate resources to help in our students’ learning and ensure excellent library and support services.

For you, our supporters, this should be very reassuring. Reassuring that we are so committed to being good stewards of the resources that you entrust to us. Reassuring that our students are in a safe and dynamic environment that meets very stringent requirements and reassuring that all of this can still take place in a place that is unapologetic about a commitment to God and His Word.

Please pray for us as we represent the College in this important meeting. We value your continued investment in the quality of our education.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr Paul R Alexander



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