You never know where God will lead you…


Twenty years ago, I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, ready to pour out my life on the front lines of missionary service. As I launched out into full time ministry, I would never have guessed that call and journey would lead me to Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota.

…But You Can Trust It Will Be Good!

Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not the location, population or even the weather that surprises me, but the fact that God would give me this incredible opportunity to serve at such a vital epicenter of Kingdom growth! To say I have been overwhelmed by the quality of students, leadership and faculty, and the depth and strategic significance of what God is doing at Trinity is an understatement.

God isn’t just preparing to do something at Trinity, He IS doing it! Each day, I have the unique privilege of watching the young men and women here mature and grow in knowledge. At the same time, they are developing deep roots of faith and experiences in the Spirit of God. It’s a story that needs to be told and an opportunity available to those brave enough to answer the call.

Following our Fuller graduation, my husband and I spent ten years leading an international leadership development team in Budapest, Hungary, where my two sons were born. Then God led us to Bismarck, North Dakota, where for another ten years, I worked developing my skills and experience in the arenas of higher education, public relations, marketing and graphic design. Today, I am thrilled to bring all of these experiences and gifts to bear as the new Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at Trinity. Trinity is poised at a unique juncture in its history, and the sense of anticipation and excitement on campus seems almost palpable. God is doing a new thing here, forging new paradigms in equipping Christian leaders, and the potential is truly astounding.

Twenty years ago, I would never have imagined my call to missions would lead me to Trinity Bible College, but I am so thankful God saw fit to direct me into this incredible community of believers. Trinity has a great story to tell, and an even greater future lies ahead! Will you join us on this adventure?

I hope so!

May you be blessed in your days and decisions,

Kate Bommarito

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Trinity Bible CollegeTrinity Bible College campus – Ellendale, North Dakota

*To learn more about Trinity Bible College please visit our website at



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