One Miracle Out of Hundreds

1 Abigail

This marks the start of Spring Semester classes at Trinity Bible College. As students return, together we are celebrating the hundreds of miracles that made this week possible for so many of them.

One of those miracles is Abigail Sailors, who received a $5,000 “waitressing tip” that allowed her to return to continue her studies. Abigail’s story may be the one that caught national attention, but in reality, her story is one of many testifying to how God uses ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

All of our Trinity students are here because of the miraculous provision and intervention of a gracious and loving God. Some of that provision comes in the everyday form of steady employment and faithful savings, some through the incredible generosity of others seeking to invest in future leaders, and some through truly astounding circumstances like Abigail’s.

Trinity Bible College is able to open its doors to Abigail and to all our students today and every day because of the incredible and miraculous gifts we receive. A good college education costs money, and every gift  – from $10 to $10 million – is a miracle, plain and simple.

If you have given to Trinity recently, THANK YOU for making miracles happen in the lives of our students. If you haven’t given recently, I encourage you to consider becoming a miracle worker for someone today!

On behalf of Abigail and all our students, THANK YOU!

Dan Kuno



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