Debt Free Education


A good education is not free, and students take a lot of responsibility when choosing to pay and go to college. And when they graduate and leave, they as Alumni play a vital role in the sustainability of that college.  In her home town in Nebraska one student was given $5000.00 in order to continue her studies at Trinity Bible College.  To read about it, please follow the link below.

The Dream of a Debt Free Education

It is likely that many who read this will also be aware of the lovely story of one of our students who received a very generous gift enabling her to return to College this semester.  She was waitressing in her hometown in Nebraska when a kind person gave her $5000.00 in order to continue her studies.  If you are not familiar with this heartwarming story please follow the link below.  Interestingly, this story has now been broadcast in at least 73 different countries!!

The story highlights a number of very important things:

  • A good education is not free.  It costs money to deliver a quality education and Christian Colleges are no different when it comes to these costs.
  • Students and their families must take responsibility for the costs of a good education.  The heartwarming part of the story involving our student (and perhaps why the story has gone around the world) is that she was determined to work and save in order to avoid accruing unreasonable levels of debt.
  • Alumni play a vital role in the sustainability of a College.  What is not widely known is that the donor in our story was an alumnus of Trinity Bible College.  I do not know who he is but salute him for his sensitivity to God and generosity to this deserving young woman.

I believe this young woman’s experience is a timely reminder to Trinity alumni to step up and play their part in the redevelopment and growth of this great College.  In fact, I challenge each alum reading this to do something – big or small, in the next six months to support our scholarship fund and join us in our dream to find enough supporters and innovative ways to enable our students to complete their studies debt free.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr Paul R Alexander, President


Article: Tip of a Lifetime


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