Christmas Tea



Christmas Tea

Last year at about this time, Carol and I catered a President’s Christmas Tea.  All faculty and staff joined us in The Commons for an afternoon together sharing delectable delights, gifts, and of course, good tea!

A New Tradition Continues

This year that tradition continued. Carol baked for days, and The Commons was beautifully decorated for one of the great social events of the year. But Christmas teas are much more than great food and gifts. These are the obvious outward symbols of the sense of team that we share at Trinity Bible College. Being committed to training men and women for ministry, mission and the workplace requires that those that serve the institution are more than academic professionals. We need to be a committed community of like-minded people. That is really what the President’s tea is all about. At TBC we are deeply committed to living our faith not just teaching it.

The Board of Trustees have been kind and generous again this year enabling us to share an wonderful event. Gifts were distributed and a great time shared by all. Thank you!

At this special time of the year I send you our greetings and wish you a blessed and Happy Christmas from us all at TBC.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr Paul R Alexander


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