Raising Friends



Raising Friends

A College, like any institution, is only as strong as the constituency that it serves. However, for people like me serving as the President of the College, I know all to well that the constituency must be won and confidence built. So it is actually much more important to raise friends than it is to raise money.

Over the past year and a half that is exactly what I have tried to do. Our fund raising has been quite low-key and we have sought to give you a constant flow of information and imagery. Thank you for your positive responses.

Carol and I now want to take this idea one step further. We are launching “Travel with the President” opportunities. Each year we will choose a travel destination that we are familiar with and invite you to travel with us for about ten days enjoying good friendship and being inspired by Christian heritage and history.

Today I am announcing a trip to the United Kingdom next May. We will spend two wonderful days in the ancient city of Cambridge. During this time we will visit the famous King’s College and chapel and I will explain the link between education and some of the best parts of the English Reformation. From there we will have a day in Britain’s great capital city London and then make our way to Oxford. Apart from enjoying this beautiful city we intend to visit C. S. Lewis’ home. Then we will quietly meander through the Cotswolds and on to the Lake District, home to the great poet William Wordsworth. The final leg of our trip will take us to Blantyre where we will visit David Livingstone’s boyhood home, through Edinburgh and on to Aberdeen where we will share a weekend with dear friends and their great church.

The trip will be offered at cost and we are limited to twelve people. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing this time with Carol and me. Suffice it to say, we value all of you our supporting and praying friends.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr Paul R Alexander


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