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There has never been a greater day to be called an Alumnus of Trinity Bible College! You are part of a shared experience that dates back to 1948 — an experience that connects you to more than 8,000 TBC alumni around the world.

Alumni Induction Banquet

As mirrors of our institution, you help us determine whether the practices and programs of Trinity are an accurate reflection of what is happening beyond our walls.

May 2nd will be our first annual “Alumni Induction Banquet” for our graduating seniors. Our guest speakers will be Duane and Cari Henders (1969). Honoring our graduates with their presence and prayers will be over 20 alumni from the class of 1964.

We invite you to click on to our TBC Alumni Page to re-connect with college friends, browse through yearbooks, or submit an article or photo for other alumni to enjoy!

Connect back to the place you once called home!

Rev. Dan Kuno – VP for Advancement & Alumni

*To learn more about Trinity Bible College please visit the website trinitybiblecollege.edu

Upcoming Events: 

Wednesday 4/23
Dr. Paul Alexander at
Rocky Mountain District Council
Grand Junction, CO

Saturday 4/26
Dr. Carol Alexander speaks at
“Pursuing Jesus” Conference
Jamestown First Assembly
Jamestown, ND

Sunday 4/27
Dr. Paul Alexander speaks at
Assembly of God Church
Tioga, ND

Excitement and Energy at TBC College Days

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College Days at Trinity Bible College

Last week dozens of potential students crowded onto the Trinity Bible College Campus for our annual College Days. Our Enrollment Office did an outstanding job of organizing the event. As a result there was a huge sense of excitement and energy throughout the time.

Special Guests

Terry Parkman from Evangel Church in Bismarck was the keynote speaker in the two chapel services.  A team of pastors and interns from their church supported him. We were also delighted to have Dr. Doug Witherup, Church Ministries Director of the North Carolina District of the Assemblies of God, with us. He spoke in numerous classes and addressed the Senior Leadership Team. His participation was greatly appreciated.

The greater message of College Days this year is just how far TBC has come in its course offerings.  Educational opportunities at this College are significant and the blend of academic rigor and spiritual life offer prospective students a brilliant College experience. When you add to this the continued campus development, the growing faculty and the safe environment at TBC we are becoming a College of choice for the outstanding young men and women of the Upper Midwest and beyond.

I encourage you to check out our website again, take note of developments and continue in your prayer and financial support of Trinity Bible College.

As always, for His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President 



One of the highlights of the year in an academic institution is the Commencement Ceremony. It is a time for students, family and friends to celebrate the achievements of those graduating.

This is particularly true for a Christian College where the ceremony includes a commissioning during which time students are urged to take their qualifications and make good use of them in extending the Good News of Christ’s Kingdom.


New Traditions

This year Trinity Bible College is making some changes. Firstly, the ceremony will be held on a Saturday. This is very   intentional. It provides the opportunity for the community, members of churches and more family and friends to be a part of the celebration.

Secondly, we will be hosting an Alumni Reception on Friday evening before graduation. Graduating students will be welcomed into the Alumni Association, and alumni will enjoy meeting each other again.

As always, Graduation will be a colorful event with all due pomp and ceremony. But it will also include an inspiring address from a key Christian leader. This year we are delighted to have Heath Adamson, AG National Youth Director with us. His message will add a special note to the event.

Please mark down the details of this not-to-be-missed event:

Alumni Reception

Date:  Friday May 2, 2014 (Please confirm your attendance)

Time:  6:00pm

Venue:  TBC Ray Ulmer Field House

Graduation Ceremony

Date: Saturday May 3, 2014

Time:  2:00pm

Venue:  Trinity Bible College

I do hope that many of you reading this will make the special effort to attend and celebrate with us. Exciting things are happening on campus, and we want you to be a part and be blessed! Come and see the ongoing development of our campus – Davidson Hall is progressing well, The President’s House is underway, and much more is planned for the future.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander – President

Special Note:  Thank you to those who responded to my appeal last week. We have the amazing opportunity to match a $400,000 donation. A good number used the on-line giving facility on this page, and I am deeply grateful. To date we have matched $97,000. I will keep you informed of progress. To donate to Trinity Bible College online please click on the donate button below.


Trinity’s Good News


Some weeks ago I reported to you very good news regarding our vastly improved status with our accrediting agency, ABHE. This is now reflected in both the Trinity Bible College catalog and website – good news indeed!

The Opportunity & The Challenge

The challenge that emerged from our accreditation commission appearance was that we need to finish this year in a good financial position. Although we have operated either below or within budget every month this year, we are still required to meet our fundraising target. With four months to go, this was about $700,000 – a rather steep mountain to climb. Wonderfully, just a few weeks after the commission reminded us of our financial requirements, I received a phone call: A kind donor offered to donate $400,000 as a matching gift donation. What an answer to prayer!

Now we need to find the matching funds before June 30. Some have already stepped forward with generous gifts, and I am confident that you, our friends, will also help your College achieve this goal. When we achieve this goal three things will happen: We will finish the year with an operational surplus and thus ensure a good annual audit; we will be assured all sanctions, including the standard relating to finance, are lifted by our accreditors; and we will cover some of the costs that always challenge us in the summer months, thus setting the College up for even greater growth in next academic year.

I know you will have heard all the rhetoric. If each one gave such and such an amount we would… Or, if we had ten large gifts, ten medium size gifts, etc. then… I am simply reaching out to you and asking that each and every person who reads this message will help us in one way or another. Online giving is easy and safe. 

Please feel free to call me at any time. I value your partnership and want to be accessible to you. Pray that our goal will be reached and that this great College will continue to move forward in equipping tomorrow’s leaders on a solid, healthy institutional foundation.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander - President

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Albert Meyer Inspires TBC Students

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Trinity’s Celebrated Guest

Last week Trinity Bible College had the privilege of hosting Albert Meyer. Albert is a CPA, owns an investment company in Plano, Texas and is nationally known for exposing one of the largest Ponzi Schemes to ever impact Christian and Not-For-Profit organizations.

Albert Meyer Inspires TBC Students

In the mid 1990’s, Albert Meyer became suspicious of a financial transaction at the university where he serving as an accounting professor. After long and tedious research and forensic accounting, he eventually persuaded the Wall Street Journal to expose the New Era Foundation. Over $100 million had been lost through this “foundation’s” corrupt schemes, and Albert was the one who uncovered it.

Albert’s story is both fascinating and challenging. As he concluded his chapel talk, students responded with an enthusiastic standing ovation. That same afternoon the business class where Albert was guest lecturing needed to move into the chapel because so many students wanted to hear more. It was wonderful to have the message reinforced that business as a vocation is still a ministry that God can use.

For me personally, this visit was especially poignant. Albert and I were next-door neighbors from our earliest childhood. We grew up in a little suburb in northern Johannesburg, South Africa. We both found Christ at about the same time and served Him fervently in our local church. Now – about four decades later – we stood together on the TBC chapel platform in Ellendale, North Dakota to declare the faithfulness of God over a lifetime.

We prayed that our students would make lifelong friends and more importantly, serve God and His Kingdom for the rest of their days.

Thank you for your keen interest in Trinity Bible College. To keep up with the latest developments at TBC, please check out our website, follow us on Facebook and use the online giving link to give back to our next generation of leaders.

For His Kingdom’s sake,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander - President

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Huldah Buntain Trinity Chapel Audio

Trinity Bible College had the privilege of having Huldah Buntain speak in chapel earlier this month. We have the audio of that message in case you missed the opportunity to hear her speak in person.

In 1954, Huldah and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Mark Buntain, agreed to travel to India and serve in Calcutta for one year. That year turned into a lifetime of service to the people of Calcutta and its surrounding states. Together, they established a holistic inner-city and outreach ministries consisting of more than 200 schools with 32,000 children including a blind school, 900 churches, 5 bible schools, daily street and school feeding programs for 25,000, a nursing school and a full general Mercy Hospital that has treated 2.2 million people and provided free care to 880,000 patients. In 2005, Huldah founded Calcutta Mercy Ministries to support the comprehensive ministries that she and her late husband built over the past 57 years.

Trinity Bible College Special Guest Chapel – Huldah Buntain (Audio link below)


*If you would like to listen to any of the other recent Trinity Bible College chapel services please CLICK HERE.

College Days Information


College Days Web Banner

College Days — April 3rd and 4th

Cost: $10 per person

Grades: 9th-12th

Food and Lodging Provided

Attend Classes and Meet Professors

Special College Days Chapel

Apply for Free

$500 Dollar Scholarship to each future student that attends and participates

CLICK HERE to go to the Trinity Bible College website to learn more or to sign up to attend.

College Days Coming Soon…

College Days Web BannerApril 3-4, 2014

In just a few weeks, prospective students and parents will be arriving on campus to find out more about the amazing opportunities for students at Trinity Bible College!

College Days give prospective students and parents the opportunity to see what life at Trinity is really all about. They get to attend interesting classes, experience our dynamic chapel, interact with current students and professors, and spend the night in the dorms! Of course we also feature special events, such as a great Christian concert. Our District Youth Directors often bring groups of high schoolers to give them a taste for what God is doing in our students’ lives. This year we are pleased to have Student Ministries’ Pastor Terry Parkman and his team from Evangel Assembly in Bismarck, North Dakota, coming as our special guest speakers. Students who attend College Days can apply for college while they are here, and not only will we waive the application fee, but they will receive a $500 scholarship as well!

I have had the privilege of leading Trinity Bible College for almost two years now, and the school has undergone a wonderful, transformative time. But of all the tremendous work I see God doing, I never fail to be amazed by the spiritual and intellectual growth and deepening our students regularly experience. This is all the more exciting as I reflect on statistics recently published by the Barna Group, stating that 65% of teenagers who attended church during high school quit going to church in college.

More than ever before, young adults today need strong Christian leaders to come alongside of them and teach them how to integrate their faith with their everyday lives in the midst of an increasingly complex and confusing world. They need supportive role models, positive and encouraging peers, and a safe environment in which to explore, ask questions and grow up in every way: intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. That is the environment our faculty, students and staff provide for our students here at Trinity, and I have the great privilege of witnessing the fruit of their tireless efforts on a daily basis.

There are so many reasons for students to choose Trinity, and I hope you will join me in inviting students among your friends and family to come and check us out on April 3-4.

May God bless you,

Dr. Paul R. Alexander


*If you would like to learn more about Trinity Bible College or about College Days please visit our website trinitybiblecollege.edu

*To sign up for College Days please CLICK HERE and fill out the form available. 

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